Teachers, lighten your load in the classroom and bring out the very best in your students with the brilliant Shedding Light science series and with our outstanding (and free) “print” resources.

Liacos Educational Media is changing the science-education landscape with its ground-breaking Shedding Light video series. We don’t produce random science videos about random topics, but rather fully self-contained series which brilliantly cover an entire topic and which do the teaching for you using outstanding demonstrations, animations, and explanations!

Every program comes with outstanding student activity sheets (which you can download for free) and fully annotated transcripts (that act as a text book) which you can read in their entirety on each program’s description page. For example, see our Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons page.

Sure you can find educational videos on video-sharing sites, but none of them come with activity sheets, none of them come with transcripts, and none of them allow you teach an entire unit of work!

With the Shedding Light series, your entire middle-school Chemistry, Light, and Motion courses are covered!

Shedding Light
on Atoms


Shedding Light
on Motion


Shedding Light
on Light


Shedding Light on Atoms: “How do we know about atoms if we can’t even see them?” This 8-part series brilliantly answers this question as well as many more. It covers all the essentials of Chemistry by taking a look not just at what we know about atoms, but also at how we know what we know about atoms.

Shedding Light on Motion: A visual treasure trove of demonstrations, animations and explanations of all things Motion. This 8-part series covers all the essentials of the physics of motion, including speed, acceleration, and Newton’s Laws.

Shedding Light on Light: 50% Physics, 50% Biology, 100% Quality Education. From the depths of the ocean to the end of the rainbow, this 6-part series covers your whole light course, from reflection to refraction to human vision and more. How good is this series? Your students will soon see!

Thousands of schools are now using our resources to bring out the best in their students.
And why is that?
Because they make teaching and learning much easier for everyone!

So lighten your load in the classroom and get hold of the Shedding Light series today!
Shedding Light on AtomsShedding Light on MotionShedding Light on Light

Our programs feature:

  • brilliant live-action visuals;
  • easy-to-understand explanations;
  • fantastic animations;
  • engaging student activities (which are free to download);
  • practical exercises (which are also free to download) and;
  • answers to all activities (contact us and we will send them to you, absolutely free, and obligation free).

In addition, all of our programs are broken up into small sections that are between 5 and 10 minutes long which makes your lesson planning really easy.

Featured Video

The preview video below contains a six-minute excerpt followed by a one-minute trailer.

Read a transcript of the program (complete with dozens of screen grabs) on the Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons page. The transcript acts as a text book which students can use together with the video, or on its own!

The Shedding Light Advantage

If you’ve previewed our videos and print resources and you’re ready to get hold of any, or all, of our sets, just click the buttons below to pay by credit card, or, if you are a school in Australia, send us a purchase order.

The 8-part
Shedding Light
on Atoms


Only $239.92

The 6-part
Shedding Light
on Light


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The 8-part
Shedding Light
on Motion


Only $239.92

“It’s so good having such a great resource for teaching light. Having the Shedding Light videos was a huge help.”
D. Stigger, Senior Biology and General Science Teacher, Cheltenham Secondary College, Victoria, Australia

beehivemontessori“I am a teacher at Beehive Montessori School in Perth and I ordered and received your Shedding Light on Atoms disks. I just want to pass on thanks – it is a fantastic set of DVDs and definitely one of the best teaching resources I have come across dealing with this subject.
Well done and thanks again.”
Brendan Giambazi, Beehive Montessori School

If you’re not ready to purchase, don’t despair!! We don’t just have the best video resources, we also have the best free stuff.
our prac sheets, question sheets, and activity sheets are free for teachers to download and to use in their classrooms.
For example…
The Periodic Table Table: It’s made of paper, but you’ll never believe how much it can hold!


How Fast Can You Kick a Ball? David Beckham managed 160 km/h. Can you? To find out, all you need is a camera and a way of measuring out 10 metres. Physics Phun for Everyone.

Electric Circuits: Best. Electricity. Pracs. EVER!
Design, construct, and draw up various electrical circuits according to set design briefs. Kids will love the challenge! Can they set up a circuit with three switches such that if any one of them is pressed, a light globe will turn on?

Solar Reflectors: the sun’s rays are both free and priceless, just like this awesome activity in which students use the power of the sun and of Maths to heat water. So how hot can it get? VERY!


See more resources at our appropriately named More Resources page!

spiro_liacos_poolsideHere’s a quick message from the director and presenter of the Shedding Light series, Spiro Liacoswho still works part-time as a teacher at Cheltenham Secondary College, Victoria.

Teaching, in a nut shell, involves
(1) giving instructions and/or explaining concepts and then
(2) providing students with an opportunity to practise and use their new skills.
I created the Shedding Light videos to handle the entire task of giving instructions and/or explaining concepts. With videos I can, without any extra effort, explain concepts using

  • actual demonstrations AND
  • real-world applications of the science being covered AND
  • fantastic animations.

I don’t need to chalk and talk and I don’t have to find supplementary material to add to the information provided by text books (which are often a little vague since there is only a limited amount of information that can be presented with text and static pictures).

The activity sheets (including the practical activities) that accompany the programs then allow students to practise their new skills and to really cement all the concepts in their heads!

When I teach the topics of Light, Atoms, and Motion to my Year 9 and 10 students now, the Shedding Light resources are the only resources that I use. I don’t have to explain stuff myself verbally, I don’t have to write board notes, and I don’t have to source additional videos or other resources. I am able to cover each topic more thoroughly and with much less effort. My students love them and they constantly tell me how much they enjoy watching them and learning from them.
I am never again going to teach kids about covalent bonding or how to balance chemical equations. I’m never again going to explain how mirrors form images or what infrared light is. And I’m never again going to demonstrate how to use formulas to calculate an object’s velocity and acceleration. The Shedding Light series covers it all!”

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