Our Greatest Treasure

For a long time, teachers used to teach knowledge that they had acquired to students who had not yet acquired it. With the internet, we are no longer taught by teachers who are in a classroom with us, but we can easily search for, read up on and learn stuff from people anywhere on the planet. In this blog post, I’m just experimenting with setting up a blog post. No-one has directly taught me how to do it, but I am indebted to the many talented people who have written fantastic web pages describing how to set up blogs and websites.
What role will there be for teachers in the future, when all the information is on the internet? Well, text books have been around at least since 1980 when I started high school (and I’m told even earlier, but who cares, right?), but my teachers were still an essential part of my education. Has anything changed that much?
Well, the way kids (and all of us) learn stuff has changed a lot (and will continue to change a lot), but students still need great teachers to guide them, to encourage them, to help them to set goals, and to give feedback.
Great teachers are society’s greatest treasure.

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