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The Shedding Light series of programs is helping students around the world learn science, and teachers are saying “yeah, my kids are getting it!” If you’re ready to get hold of any, or all, of our sets, just click the buttons below.

The 8-part
Shedding Light
on Atoms


Only $239.92

The 6-part
Shedding Light
on Light


Only $179.94

The 8-part
Shedding Light
on Motion


Only $239.92

However, if you need more information or if you need the answers to the worksheets and practical activities, please feel free to contact us!
There is no obligation for you to purchase our programs to request the answers. We will email any teacher the answers to our worksheets and practical activities obligation free. We are teachers just like you!

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or contact Spiro directly:

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Just in case you missed it, if you plan to purchase any of our sets, you don’t need to request the answers because with your order we will include a CD-ROM that has all of our worksheets, prac sheets and answer sheets on it arranged into folders. You won’t therefore need to download any of the worksheets from the website!
But WAIT! There’s more. The CD-ROM also includes tests and revision sheets!!
So contact us!!