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Liacos Educational Media doesn’t just produce the famous Shedding Light programs, we also produce a whole stack of other resources. They’re all free, and they’re all fantastic!

Usain_Bolt_2007-2_photo_by_Phil_McElhinneyAnalyzing Usain Bolt’s 100-metre Sprint
Graphing and Analysing Usain Bolt’s 2008 World Record 100m Sprint (pdf)
This activity asks students to analyze (or analyse) Usain Bolt’s 2008 world-record 100m sprint.
Graphing Usain Bolt 2008 WR 100m Sprint (Excel Document)
(Photo by Phil McElhinney)

Spiro_Liacos_Sprinting_100_metres-Start_of_RaceAnalyzing Your Own 100-metre Sprint

This activity blends Physics and PE. Five- or ten-metre-interval split times are recorded for a sprinter running a 100-metre race.

Spiro_Liacos_Sprinting_100_metresGraphing Motion Practical Activity: Analysing a 100m Sprint (at 10-metre Intervals) (pdf)

See more activities relating to Motion on our Investigating Motion page. A little more detail can also be seen on the Usain Bolt Vs Spiro Liacos page.


How Fast Can You Kick a Ball?

This activity also blends Physics and PE. A ball is kicked (or thrown) 10 metres. The action is recorded and the video file is analysed using Quicktime, VLC, or Windows Media Player. (See Usain Bolt vs Spiro Liacos for more details.)
Calculating Throwing and Kicking Speed

The Periodic Table Table 
A cute little activity where students make a Periodic Table Table. Though it’s only made of paper, you’ll never believe how much it can hold!

How Big Is An Atom?
This is the best way ever to visualize the size of an atom.
In two minutes, your life will be changed forever!!

Electric Circuits
In these exceptional practical activities, students have to design, construct, and draw up various electrical circuits according to set design briefs.

Law Of Reflection Practical Activity
A fantastic introduction to ray tracing and to the Law of Reflection. The activity also acts as a springboard for studying refraction and lenses.

Solar Reflectors
Using the power of Maths and of the Sun to heat water (and of the two, Maths is definitely the most powerful).Students make their own Solar Reflector. It’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and Art & Craft all rolled into one outstanding activity!!

Archimedes The Musical
A superb musical and a series of brilliant activities that go with it. They cover pi, density, buoyancy, and more!

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