Law of Reflection Practical Activity

The Law of Reflection prac, which accompanies Shedding Light on Reflection, introduces students to ray tracing and allows them to investigate the way light rays reflect. The skills that students acquire in this prac will also be needed when they undertake some of the other practical activities in our Shedding Light on Light series (such as the Law of Refraction prac, and the Lenses prac).

The 3-minute video below shows students how to carry out the prac, which should take about 1 period. If you want the answers, simply send us an email or fill in the form below.

(In fact, you can request the answers to all our worksheets and practical activities by emailing us or filling out the form below. There is no obligation for you to purchase any of our programs!)

The Law of Reflection (practical exercise) (pdf)

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