Shedding Light on Colour (or Shedding Light on Color)

Join presenter Spiro Liacos as he looks into all things colour! What is colour? How can objects have different colours when the light shining on them is white? How is coloured light produced? What happens when we mix coloured light? How does a TV produce a picture? Why, for example, is green paint produced when you mix yellow and blue paint? How do we produce the colours in photos and magazines? What is light? How do our eyes and brain see colour? What is colour blindness? Can animals see colours like we do? This video is the perfect introduction to the science of colour and how we perceive it.

The preview below explains what Shedding Light on Colour is about and shows some excerpts.

Shedding Light on Colour (30 minutes) Contents:
Part A: Coloured Light: white light is actually a mixture of different coloured light, why blue objects appear blue and why red objects appear red…
Part B: Mixing Coloured Light: mixing different colours of light produces new colours, how LCD screens work…
Part C: Mixing Paints and Inks: why, say, mixing blue and yellow paint produces green paint, four-colour process printing…
Part D: Coloured Light and Vision: why different colours exist, how humans can tell the difference, rod cells, cones cells, colour perception in animals…

Shedding Light on Colour Student Activities and Teachers’ Notes (pdf)

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