Science teachers, lighten your load in the classroom and bring out the very best in your students with the incredible Shedding Light series.

If you’re looking for great educational resources (why else would you be here?), then check out the Shedding Light series!

  • Each Shedding Light series (there are nine in all) is made up of individual self-contained videos which together cover an entire unit of work:
    Climate Science (the Sun and Earth series);
    Chemistry (the Atoms series);
    Nuclear Radiation;
    Electricity and;
    Acids and Bases.
    Use one or use them all.
  • Each video is broken down into smaller sections.
  • Each video comes with an outstanding worksheet (in pdf format)! Most of the worksheets are also available in Google Doc format!!
  • Each worksheet comes with answers!
  • They are available on ClickView, Learn360, Classroom Video on Demand, Films on Demand, and Safari Montage. See below for links.

    If you don’t have ClickView or the other services, they can be bought or rented on Vimeo.

The Shedding Light videos have been seen by millions of teachers and students around the world because kids love learning from them and teachers love teaching with them.

We also produce lots of great practical activities.

Here are the nine Shedding Light series that we have produced so far (each of which covers an entire unit).

The 8-part Shedding Light on Atoms series.
Show them periodically!
…atomic theory, atomic structure, the periodic table,
covalent and ionic bonding, and more…
The 8-part Shedding Light on Motion series.
Get up to speed!
…speed, acceleration, graphing,
Newton’s Laws, and more…
The 6-part Shedding Light on Light series.
Have you seen it?
…reflection, refraction, lenses and the eye,
colour, electromagnetic waves, and more…
The 3-part Shedding Light on Energy series.
Make the change!
…forms of energy, energy transformations, Joules,
human energy intake and expenditure,
energy efficiency, and more…
The 6-part Shedding Light on Heat series.
Fire up!
…the kinetic theory, changes of state,
temperature and temperature scales,
thermal expansion, heat transfer,
how the human body controls its temperature and more…
The 5-part Shedding Light on the Sun and Earth series.
The series you need in the current climate!
…seasons, why the days are longer in summer than in winter,
local weather patterns, global climate, and more…
The 5-part Shedding Light on Electricity series.
Ohm my goodness, this series is without parallel.
…sources of electricity, electric circuits,
voltage, current and resistance, electrical safety, and more…
The 5-part Shedding Light on Acids and Bases series.
They’ll get a great reaction!
acids, bases, neutralization,
the pH scale, and more…
The 8-part Shedding Light on Nuclear Radiation series.
Penetrating deep into the brain!
atomic structure, alpha, beta and gamma radiation, half-lives, and more…

Every Shedding Light program has its own dedicated page from which you can

  • download the worksheet,
  • link directly to ClickView, Learn360, and other streaming services,
  • use the screen-shot-filled transcript as a textbook, and
  • watch an excerpt of the program.

For example, see the Forms of Energy page.

The Shedding Light series are available to schools and to institutions that have access to the following publishers. The links below will take you straight to each series!

Sun and Earth (Climate Science)Light;  Atoms (Chemistry);  Heat;  Motion;  EnergyElectricity, Acids and Bases, and Nuclear Radiation.
This pdf file below contains links to every Shedding Light video on ClickView:

Sun and Earth (Climate Science)Light;  Atoms (Chemistry);  Heat;  Motion;  EnergyElectricity  Acids and Bases and; Nuclear Radiation.

Sun and Earth (Climate Science)Light;  Atoms (Chemistry);  Heat;  Motion;  EnergyElectricity Acids and Bases and; Nuclear Radiation.

Sun and Earth (Climate Science)Light;  Atoms (Chemistry);  Heat;  Motion;  EnergyElectricity..

Most of our videos are also available on SAFARI Montage. Just log in and do a quick search. (we can’t provide links because SAFARI Montage uses a different web address for every school.)

Don’t have these services?

Watch the programs on Vimeo.

Just join Vimeo (or sign in if you have already joined) and you’ll be watching in no time!!
Stream anywhere,
stream anytime,
stream on any device…

You have the option of purchasing or renting!!

Teaching, at its most basic level, involves two equally important parts:

Part 1,
•  giving instructions,
•  explaining concepts,
•  demonstrating a skill etc.
Part 2,
guiding students as they
• try out,
• practise,
• acquire, and
• master new skills.

Our “Shedding Light” video series brilliantly help teachers take care of Part 1, and our student activity sheets, online text book, and practical activities brilliantly allow students to reach their full potential during Part 2.

Using video programs as a core part of teaching (rather than an afterthought or just for revision) is undeniably effective.


  • if your printed text book is a little too dry and uninspiring (not to mention wordy), and
  • if you have a lot of students who are visual learners and who learn best when they see animations and demonstrations, and
  • if you are tired of trying to find good online videos that are pitched at the right level and that cover the content that you need covering…

then our Shedding Light resources are for you.

Every program comes with

  • outstanding student activity sheets so your students can immediately put what they’re learning into action;
  • answers to all the questions, which makes your life easier;
  • fully annotated transcripts that act as a text book for when students want to, for example, consult tables or read definitions;

In addition, all of our programs are broken up into small sections that are between 5 and 10 minutes long, which makes your lesson planning really easy.

For example, see our Heat Transfer page.

Sure you can find educational videos on video-sharing sites, but education is not just showing kids things, it’s more about getting kids to put what they’ve learned into practice. You would never show kids a video about how to play a guitar and then not actually give them a guitar to play!

Tens of thousands of schools are now using our resources
to bring out the best in their students.

And why is that?
Because they make teaching and learning much easier for everyone!

So lighten your load in the classroom and take a look at one or more Shedding Light series today!
Shedding Light on Atoms
Shedding Light on Motion
Shedding Light on Light
Shedding Light on Energy
Shedding Light on Heat
Shedding Light on the Sun and Earth
Shedding Light on Electricity

What Teachers are Saying!

Dear Spiro,
Thanks for the great resources on ClickView and your website.
I’ve used the “Periodic Table Table” with a year 8 class and it went really well.
Even better has been the “Shedding Light on Motion” series. Episode 6 on Newton’s First Law was great for my class to get a grip on inertia. The other videos and worksheets have been great too.
Warm regards,
P. Whitely | Teacher – Science & Religious Education
Our Lady of Sion College, Box Hill

“It’s so good having such a great resource for teaching light. Having the Shedding Light videos was a huge help.”
D. Stigger, Senior Biology and General Science Teacher, Cheltenham Secondary College, Cheltenham

beehivemontessori“I am a teacher at Beehive Montessori School in Perth and I ordered and received your Shedding Light on Atoms disks. I just want to pass on thanks – it is a fantastic set of DVDs and definitely one of the best teaching resources I have come across dealing with this subject.
Well done and thanks again.”
B. Giambazi, Beehive Montessori School, Mosman Park


“Great teaching resources! Thank you!” A. Collins, General Byng School, Winnipeg

“I am impressed with your website, resources, worksheets, and videos.” T. Soisson, Newark Charter School, Newark

“Fantastic. Terrific to finally have a high quality, very relevant resource. Well done!” A. Goldman, St Philomena’s School, Moree

“Your teaching resources are excellent. I purchased the Atoms series last year and have just organised for the purchase of the Light series. ” H. Omant, St Mary’s College, Hobart

“Thank you for creating amazing resources.” M. Mutton, Bellarine Secondary College, Drysdale

“I love your materials! I will use these for in-lecture hands-on active learning activities.” T. Jackson, Pratt Community College, Pratt

“Love your work.” T. Hunt, Marian College, Ararat

“Love your videos. Thank you so much.” T. Newlands, The Cedar School for the Physically Handicapped, Southampton

“My students and I enjoy your videos every time we use them in class.” A. Fernando, EPIC, Preston

“Congrats on the new series! It’s wonderful that you have created Questions sheets and Support Notes. We know teachers love these kind of materials!”
“I’m thrilled to be adding this new series! Looking forward to more of your amazing programs!” K. Tan, Infobase Learning (Infobase are our New York publishers who provide the Learn360 and Films on Demand platforms. They know as much as anyone about the resources that teachers love using!)

Shedding Light on Motion: Reviewed in the United States on April 1, 2020 on one of our publisher’s sites.
“I love this Aussie professor. He delivers very clear, concise and digestible information. He’s also absolutely hilarious! A very dry, sort of surreal sense of humor that keeps my interest. He’s also VERY involved in the making. The best part is, he does all his own stunts, often times with the assistance of kids/what I presume to be his students. I’ve watched just 2 of his lectures & I’m now hooked! I started watching because I’m taking a Chemistry course next semester & wanted to get a head start on general concept understanding. However, I’m REALLY LOVING the physics videos instead. I think I’m obsessed with physics now. I don’t know why there aren’t any other reviews here. These are SO good. Maybe it’s just that I gravitate more towards this old-school style of teaching, through lots of hands on demonstration from the narrator/creator, and also just something about the stylistics of the filming. I could go on & on. Suffice to say, I’m really into / appreciative of this. Before I found it, I unfortunately stumbled upon some really basic / mainstream lecture of this drab “acclaimed professor” wearing a suit & tie and just talking AT you in a cheesy lecture studio with lots of PowerPoints. I hate that. This is amazing.
Watch it. Watch it now.”

Comments received after presenting at the 2019 Physics Teachers Conference (in Victoria)

  • Great videos
  • Well done
  • Thanks for sharing your resources and ideas.
  • I’ve got so many ideas and resources out of this session. Thank-you!
  • Interesting website and use of videos in the classroom.
  • Awesome
  • You have created a great bank of resources. I will be using one next Monday.
  • Very Useful
  • Very Useful. Great session. Great to see someone passionate and willing to share.
  • Good Work Spiros. As always, great and very generous. Thankyou.
  • Really useful for a new physics teacher
  • Thankyou!
  • Will be a really helpful resource! Thank you for all your efforts.

Who We Are
Liacos Educational Media is made up of Yours Truly, Spiro Liacos, and my wife Georgina Liacos. We both work part-time as teachers, but I am very proud to say that, thanks to the thousands of teachers who liked what they saw when they came to our website, we have also become one of the premier producers of science-related educational materials in Australia.
I don’t consider our Shedding Light videos to be our “products” because I use them all with my own students. My colleagues all use them extensively as well, and my students (both the ones I actually teach and the other students at my school) are constantly telling me how much they enjoy watching them. They like the fact that every concept is explained in detail and that we also explain how the Science relates to them and to the world that they live in.
Using the Shedding Light videos in my classrooms makes it far easier to teach the topics that they cover and I have seen the levels of engagement and of achievement both really soar.
You can read more about us on our About Us page, but you’re probably better off previewing one or more of our Shedding Light series, because, ultimately, we just want to help students learn Science more effectively. And I’m guessing you do too.

I typically use the Shedding Light programs in three different ways.

Method 1: Regularly Pausing.
After distributing the worksheets, I pause the video regularly as the answers to the questions on the worksheet come up.

Method 2: Video and Online Text Book Combination.
I will often show a few sections of the program to my students (and occasionally the whole program) and then ask them to answer the worksheet questions by referring back to what I call the online text book on the LEM website. The online text book is basically a transcript of the program with screen shots. (Every Shedding Light program has its own page.) This allows the students to read over the material that they have already seen when they watched the video.

Method 3: Whiteboard Summaries.
This method is similar to Method 2. I sometimes show an entire program to my students but pause occasionally to write brief summary notes on the board. I then distribute the worksheet. The students can then use the LEM website and the summaries to answer the questions. For example, I recently showed the entire Shedding Light on Heat Episode 1: Temperature program to my students, but paused the video occasionally to write the following notes on the board:
Heat is a form of energy.
Temperature scales allow us to compare the temperature of different things. Eg. Human Body Temperature: 37°C.
When an object is hot, the atoms that make it up move and vibrate quickly. When an object is cold, the atoms that make it up move and vibrate slowly.
The unit for energy is the joule (J).
If 1 kg of water absorbs 4,200 J of energy, it’s temperature will increase by 1°C.

Which Method is Best?
I’m not sure which method is best. I have surveyed my students over the past few years and there’s no clear-cut winner. It’s probably good to vary it a little anyway. However, they all report that they learn a lot more from the videos than they do from the school’s prescribed text book. I think students (and adults) learn best when they see actual video and animations rather than static pictures from a text book.

Feel free to let us know how you use the Shedding Light programs in your class (including, if you’re a student, how your teacher uses the Shedding Light programs).

The Shedding Light videos have been a real game changer for teachers and students. Though textbooks and PowerPoints are fine, videos give students a much better understanding of the content being covered. So browse our website and then jump onto

Sun and Earth (Climate Science)Light;  Atoms (Chemistry);  Heat;  Motion;  EnergyElectricity, Acids and Bases, and Nuclear Radiation.
This pdf file below contains links to every Shedding Light video on ClickView:

Sun and Earth (Climate Science)Light;  Atoms (Chemistry);  Heat;  Motion;  EnergyElectricity;  Acids and Bases and; Nuclear Radiation.

Sun and Earth (Climate Science)Light;  Atoms (Chemistry);  Heat;  Motion;  EnergyElectricityAcids and Bases and; Nuclear Radiation.

Sun and Earth (Climate Science)Light;  Atoms (Chemistry);  Heat;  Motion;  Energy; and Electricity.

(Most of our videos are also available on SAFARI Montage. Just log in and do a quick search).

order directly from us, today!

We also have a heap more resources for you to download and use. And they’re all fantastic!

Gallipoli Balloon Bursters (Drip Balloons): A life-and-death STEM activity. Students have to build a water-powered contraption that automatically bursts a balloon after a small time delay.

Trip Wire Balloon Bursters (Trip Balloons): Students have to design a contraption that automatically bursts a balloon when a person walks through a trip wire which triggers the contraption.

Usain Bolt vs Spiro Liacos: It was neck and neck. And then the gun went off…

Law of Reflection and Other Light-related Practical Activities: reflection, refraction, lenses, and more…

How Big is an Atom? Two minutes that will change your life forever…

Solar Reflectors: Using the power of Maths and of the Sun to heat water…

Archimedes the Musical: Eureka!

Heating and Cooling Practical Activities: Cool hot stuff.

Electric Circuits Practical Activities: Best electricity pracs. EVER!

Investigating Motion Practical Activities: How fast can you run? As fast as a leopard…

The Periodic Table Table (it’s made of paper, but you’ll never believe how much it can hold!)

Chemistry Practical Activities: They’re sure to fire up your students!

Astronomy Activities: Great activities for teaching an Astronomy unit.

Many of our worksheets are now available in Google Doc format. Open the work sheet, click File and then Make a Copy and save it into your Google Drive. My favourite feature of Google Classroom is the feature that allows you to set an assignment and to “Make a Copy for Each Student”. Each student then gets his or her own copy but I can monitor each student’s work and provide feedback. I love it!

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