Google Docs

Google Doc Versions of a large selection of our worksheets.
(Printable PDF versions are available on each program’s page.)
Once you click the link, the google doc will open. Then click File and select Make a Copy. You can then save the file into a folder in your Google Drive.
The Shedding Light videos can be accessed on ClickView, Learn360, Films on Demand, and on Safari Montage.

The transcripts of every video (including screen-shots) can be read on each video’s dedicated page.

Shedding Light On Heat
Episode 1: Temperature
Episode 2: Changes of State
Episode 3: Thermal Expansion
Episode 4: The Kelvin Scale
Episode 5: Heat Transfer
Episode 6: Heat and the Human Body

Shedding Light On Light
Refraction and Total Internal Reflection
Colour (or Color)
Electromagnetic Waves
I haven’t made the Shedding Light on Curved Mirrors and Shedding Light on Lenses (and the Eye) worksheets into google docs as they are both very dependent on drawing light rays, so they are probably best suited to paper and pencil.

Shedding Light On Electricity
Episode 1: Sources of Electricity
Episode 2: Electric Circuits
Episode 3: Electric Current
Episode 4: Voltage, Current, and Resistance
Episode 5: Electrical Safety

Shedding Light On Energy
Episode 1: Forms of Energy
Episode 2: Measuring Energy
Episode 3: Energy Efficiency

Shedding Light On Atoms
Episode 1: The Dawn of Modern Chemistry
Episode 2: Oxygen Everywhere
Episode 3: The Discovery of Atoms
Episode 4: The Periodic Table
Episode 5: Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons
Episode 6: Electron Shells
Episode 7: Covalent Bonding
Episode 8: Ionic Bonding

Shedding Light On Acids and Bases
Episode 1: Acids in Industry
Episode 2: Acids and Carbonates
Episode 3: Neutralization
Episode 4: The pH Scale
Episode 5: Advanced Acid-Base Chemistry

Shedding Light on Nuclear Radiation
Episode 1: Atomic Structure
Episode 2: Alpha Radiation
Episode 3: Beta-Minus and Gamma Radiation
Episode 4: Beta-Plus Decay
Episode 5: Half-Life and Activity
Episode 6: Radiocarbon Dating

Drawing Graphs on a Spreadsheet.

Practice Graph (Google Sheet) (same as the one in the video)
Graphing Usain Bolt’s 2008 WR 100-metre Sprint (Google Sheet)
Graphing Usain Bolt’s 2008 (then) WR 100m Sprint Data (Google Doc)

In class, I showed my students the video and then gave them access to the Practice Graph Google Sheet. Once they did that, I gave them access to the Usain Bolt Google Sheet. They completed the tables and drew up a distance vs time graphs and a velocity vs time graph. I then asked them to copy and paste the two graphs into the Usain Bolt Google Doc and to answer the questions in that doc.

See the following Shedding Light on Motion pages for more content.

Also, see our Usain Bolt vs Spiro Liacos and Investigating Motion pages for more student activities.

Relative Sizes and Distances in the Solar System
Relative Sizes and Distances in the Solar System