Law of Reflection and Other Light-Related Practical Activities

The Law of Reflection prac, which accompanies Shedding Light on Reflection, introduces students to ray tracing and allows them to investigate the way light rays reflect. The skills that students acquire in this prac will also be needed when they undertake some of the other practical activities in our Shedding Light on Light series (see below).

The 3-minute video below shows students how to carry out the prac, which should take about 1 period.

The Law of Reflection (practical exercise) (pdf)

Below are some more practical activities related to the topic of Light.

Convex and Concave Mirrors: Ray Tracing and Focal Lengths Practical Activity (pdf).
This practical activity complements Shedding Light on Curved Mirrors.

Refraction practical activity (pdf) and
Total Internal Reflection practical activity (pdf).
These two practical activities complement Shedding Light on Refraction and Total Internal Reflection.

Lenses Practical Activity – Images Formed by Lenses (pdf) and
Ray-Tracing Practical Activity: Convex and Concave Lenses
These two practical activities below complement Shedding Light on Lenses and the Eye.

Solar Reflectors/Solar Ovens: In this task, students learn the mathematics of a parabolic solar reflector, build said parabolic reflector, and then use it to heat water placed at its focal point. The link above will take you to a page where you can watch a 10-minute video that explains the task and from which you can download the activity sheets.

Speed of Sound Practical Activity (pdf)
This activity complements Shedding Light on Electromagnetic Waves.

All of these practical activities are designed to be used with the 6-part Shedding Light on Light series.

The series covers your whole Light course, which includes the concepts of colour, reflection, refraction, lenses, human perception and vision, and electromagnetic waves.


Shedding Light on Reflection: mirrors, mirror images, seeing in 3D, periscopes, illusions, magic, and a whole lot more…

Shedding Light on Curved Mirrors: concave and convex mirrors, telescopes, solar cookers, fun-park mirrors, hospital corridors, and a whole lot more…

Shedding Light on Refraction and Total Internal Reflection: spear fishing, abnormally short legs, optical fibres, diamonds, rainbows, and a whole lot more…

Shedding Light on Lenses and the Eye: convex and concave lenses, magnifying glasses, film projectors, the eye, focussing at different distances, spectacles, laser eye surgery, and a whole lot more…

Shedding Light on Colour: coloured light, mixing paints, television screens, how humans see colour, how animals see colour, and a whole lot more…

Shedding Light on Electromagnetic Waves: waves in nature (including the concepts of transverse waves, longitudinal waves, wavelength, amplitude, frequency, wave speed, and more) and examples of how the different bands of electromagnetic waves are generated and/or used (for example, microwave ovens, thermal imaging, the effects of UV radiation, and a whole lot more).

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