Law of Reflection Practical Activity

The Law of Reflection prac, which accompanies Shedding Light on Reflection, introduces students to ray tracing and allows them to investigate the way light rays reflect. The skills that students acquire in this prac will also be needed when they undertake some of the other practical activities in our Shedding Light on Light series (such as the Law of Refraction prac, and the Lenses prac).

The 3-minute video below shows students how to carry out the prac, which should take about 1 period.

The Law of Reflection (practical exercise) (pdf)

The Law of Reflection practical activity is part of the Shedding Light on Light series.


  • do you need some ideas that will help you to engage your students in the topic of Light?
  • is your text book a little too dry and uninspiring?
  • do you have a lot of students who are visual learners and who learn best when they see animations and demonstrations?

Then you need Liacos Educational Media’s Shedding Light on Light video series!

The series covers your whole course, including colour, reflection, refraction, lenses, human perception and vision, and electromagnetic waves.


The series is not really just about the Physics of Light. It’s about us and how we see, and how our knowledge of light has transformed our world!

The worksheets and the practical activities which accompany all our programs are all free!

So check them out!

Shedding Light on Reflection: mirrors, mirror images, seeing in 3D, periscopes, illusions, magic, and a whole lot more…

Shedding Light on Curved Mirrors: concave and convex mirrors, telescopes, solar cookers, fun-park mirrors, hospital corridors, and a whole lot more…

Shedding Light on Refraction and Total Internal Reflection: spear fishing, abnormally short legs, optical fibres, diamonds, rainbows, and a whole lot more…

Shedding Light on Lenses and the Eye: convex and concave lenses, magnifying glasses, film projectors, the eye, focussing at different distances, spectacles, laser eye surgery, and a whole lot more…

Shedding Light on Colour: coloured light, mixing paints, television screens, how humans see colour, how animals see colour, and a whole lot more…

Shedding Light on Electromagnetic Waves: waves in nature, AM and FM, microwave ovens, thermal imaging, night vision, blue skies, the effects of UV radiation, X-rays, gamma rays and a whole lot more…

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