The Shedding Light on Heat Series

The Heat is on! A huge amount of the technology and comforts that we have in our world just wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for what we’ve learned about the way heat behaves. So keep cool and use this excellent series to teach your students everything that they need to know about heat, including its effect on things and how it transfers from one thing to another.

Shedding Light on Heat Episode 1: Temperature
Shedding Light on Heat Episode 2: Changes of State
Shedding Light on Heat Episode 3: Thermal Expansion
Shedding Light on Heat Episode 4: The Kelvin Scale
Shedding Light on Heat Episode 5: Heat Transfer

Shedding Light on Heat Episode 6: Heat and the Human Body

In Episode 1, Temperature, we get down to the atomic level to explain how hot things are different to cold things, we describe what a temperature scale actually tells us, and we demonstrate how scientists measure the amount of heat energy that water absorbs when it’s heated.

In Episode 2, Changes of State, we look at the differences between solids, liquids, and gases, and at why things change state when they absorb or lose heat energy. We also look at the strange example of carbon dioxide, which doesn’t follow the same rules that that most other substances do!

In Episode 3, Thermal Expansion, we look at the fact that substances expand when they get hot and contract when they get cold and we explain why they do. We look at how thermal expansion can be a real nuisance, but also how we can put thermal expansion to good use for the good of the world!

In Episode 4, The Kelvin Scale, we look at the temperature scale that in many ways is superior to the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. Zero on the Kelvin scale is equal to -273°C. And why is -273°C so special? Because that’s the coldest temperature you can get!

In Episode 5, Heat Transfer, we look at the three ways that heat energy can transfer from one thing to another: conduction; convection; and radiation. A heat source is useless if heat energy can’t transfer from the heat source to whatever you want heated. Understanding heat transfer is essential if you want to cook good food and if you want to stay warm when it’s cold and stay cool when it’s hot.

In Episode 6, Heat and the Human Body, we look at the brilliant systems within our bodies that allow us to maintain a more-or-less constant body temperature regardless of the weather conditions. Sweating, shivering, pumping more blood to some parts of our bodies than to other parts, curling up into a ball, and spreading out your arms and legs all play their part at keeping our bodies at the right temperature! But what happens when we reach our limits?

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