Solar Reflectors

In this practical activity students will make a parabolic solar reflector and then investigate its ability to focus sunlight.
The ten-minute video below first looks at what parabolas are (including the mathematics involved) and then Spiro shows students how to make and test their own linear parabolic solar reflector.
The whole practical activity will take about 3 or 4 periods.

Practical Activity – Linear Parabolic Solar Reflectors (pdf) The practical activity’s instructions, results table, and some analysis questions.

Parabolas worksheet (pdf): A quick practice run at drawing various parabolas, and calculating a parabola’s focal length.
Parabolas worksheet (a more advanced version) (pdf).

A4 parabola-graph-paper master which needs to be enlarged to A3 (pdf). Students need this sheet to draw their parabolas on.

The Solar Reflectors practical activity above is part of the brilliant Shedding Light on Light series, which covers your whole Light course.


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