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Our Shedding Light videos are for sale, but we also produce a whole stack of other resources. They’re all free, and they’re all fantastic!

Gallipoli Balloon Bursters (Drip Balloons) 
Students have to design a water-powered contraption that automatically bursts a balloon after a small time delay. It’s a fantastic STEM activity which is based on the “Drip Rifle”, which was set up by the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers (the ANZACs) in the trenches of Gallipoli in World War I.

Trip Wire Balloon Bursters (Trip Balloons)
Students have to design a contraption that automatically bursts a balloon when a person walks through a trip wire which triggers the contraption. STEM Education at its finest.

Google Doc Versions of Most of Our Worksheets
For teachers who are using Google Classroom. Once you have made a copy on your own drive, you can share it with students who can complete the activities online.
I especially like the “Make a Copy for Each Student” option, because it allows me to see what my students are doing in real time.


The Periodic Table Table 
A cute little activity where students make a Periodic Table Table. Though it’s only made of paper, you’ll never believe how much it can hold!


How Big Is An Atom?
This is the best way ever to visualize the size of an atom.
In two minutes, your life will be changed forever!!


Electricity Practical Activities
A range of fantastic practical activities. In two of them, students have to design, construct, and draw up various electrical circuits according to set design briefs.


Astronomy Activities
How big are the other planets compared to Earth? How far away are they from the Sun? Here are some activities that will help students get a feeling for the vast scale of the solar system!


Heating and Cooling Practical Activities
Simple pracs that work well in any Heat unit. How does changing the mass of a substance change the amount that its temperature rises when it is given a certain amount of heat? And how does the type of substance change the amount that its temperature rises when it is given a certain amount of heat?


Law Of Reflection and Other Light-related Practical Activities
A fantastic introduction to ray tracing and to the Law of Reflection. The activity also acts as a springboard for studying refraction and lenses.


Investigating Motion
A range of practical activities relating to Motion. For example, students investigate Usain Bolt’s 100m sprint, their own 100m sprints and much, much more.

Chemistry Practical Activities
A range of chemistry experiments that are sure to fire up your students!


Solar Reflectors/Solar Ovens
Students make their own Solar Reflector/Solar Oven. It’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Art & Craft all rolled into one outstanding activity!!

Archimedes The Musical
A superb musical and a series of brilliant activities that go with it. They cover pi, density, buoyancy, and more!

Usain Bolt vs Spiro Liacos
Students investigate sport science, specifically, the science of sprinting. It was neck and neck. Until the gun went off.

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