The Shedding Light on Atoms Series


How do we know about atoms if we can’t actually see them?

This is probably the most common question students ask when they study chemistry.
The 8-part Shedding Light on Atoms series brilliantly answers this question as well as many more.

  • How do we know about atoms if we can’t even see them?  COVERED
  • How do we know about protons, neutrons, and electrons when they’re even smaller than atoms? COVERED
  • Why is the Periodic Table arranged the way it is? COVERED
  • How can we possibly know that atoms sometimes stick together by sharing electrons, while at other times they stick together when they lose or gain electrons? COVERED

And not just covered… but covered brilliantly!!!

Using amazing demonstrations and animations we take students on a journey of discovery to explain not just what we know about atoms, but also how we know what we know about atoms!

Your students will get so much more out of Chemistry if they learn about it in more or the less the same order that humanity did!!

The first three episodes of the series,
Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 1: The Dawn of Modern Chemistry
Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 2: Oxygen Everywhere
Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 3: The Discovery of Atoms
show students how atoms were discovered and cover chemical reactions and equations, chemical formulas, the Law of Conservation of Mass, and more…

The next three episodes,
Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 4: The Periodic Table
Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 5: Protons, Neutrons and Electrons
Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 6: Electron Shells
show students how the Periodic Table was developed and explain how scientists discovered what atoms themselves were like.

SLOAtoms_Banner_Eps7-8Episodes 7 and 8,
Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 7: Covalent Bonding
Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 8: Ionic Bonding
look at, as the titles suggest, covalent and ionic bonding, as well as the kinetic theory of matter.

So, if your Year 9 and 10 students are struggling to “get” Chemistry by wading through text and still images in a text book, then check out the Shedding Light on Atoms series.

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