The Shedding Light on the Sun and Earth (Climate Science) Series

The 5-part Shedding Light on the Sun and Earth series introduces students to the basics of climate science. We examine what causes seasons, how the movement of the sun across the sky affects the renewable-energy industry, what causes winds, how the climate of a region is affected by its proximity to oceans, and a whole lot more.
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Episode 1: Seasons
In Episode 1: Seasons, we look at how the changing seasons affect life on our precious Earth and then examine what causes seasons.



Episode 2: Long Hot Summer Days
In Episode 2: Long Hot Summer Days, we explain why summer days are long and winter days are short, and how the length of daytime contributes to seasonal variations in temperature.


Episode 3: Following the Sun
In Episode 3: Following the Sun, we look at how the sun’s movement across the sky every day changes. In summer, the sun reaches a much higher angle in the sky than it does in winter. This affects the design of energy-efficient homes and the placement of solar panels.


Episode 4: The Coriolis Effect (and Tropical Cyclones)
In Episode 4: The Coriolis Effect, we describe how tropical cyclones form and examine their huge power. We explain what the Coriolis Effect is and how it makes tropical cyclones rotate the way that they do. We also travel to three continents to demonstrate how the Coriolis Effect affects water draining from a small container. Does water really swirl in a different direction depending on which hemisphere it’s in?

Episode 5: Land and Ocean (and their Effect on Climate)
In Episode 5: Land and Ocean, we examine how the world’s land masses and oceans affect global climate patterns. We look at why the air gets colder and colder the higher you go, why coastal regions don’t heat up or cool down as much as inland regions, why northern hemisphere winters are so much colder that southern hemisphere winters, and a whole lot more.

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