The Shedding Light on Energy Series

The 3-part Shedding Light on Energy series allows teachers to teach the topic of Energy really easily without actually using much energy! With a perfect mix of biology, chemistry, and physics, we explore every aspect of energy including what it is and how we measure it.

In Episode 1, Forms of Energy, we introduce students to the different forms of energy that affect their lives daily and describe how energy can change from one form to another. We also explore one of the most important discoveries ever made.

In Episode 2, Measuring Energy, we look at the “joule”, the unit for energy. We look at how much energy is stored in different foods by comparing apples and oranges (normally a no-no) and we discuss how much energy we need to do certain things, including nothing much at all. We then explore the concept of energy balance and reveal the two simple rules for weight loss. That’s right, there are only two!

In Episode 3, Energy Efficiency, we explore the concept of efficiency. To shed light on the topic, we use different types of light globes, some bouncing balls, and a bouncing human who bounces on his own two energy-efficient feet. Mind the kangaroos!

The three programs in the series brilliantly cover:

  • the many different forms of energy;
  • energy transformations (it’s like magic, but better);
  • where the energy in our food comes from;
  • the amount of time a single kilogram of fat can fuel us for (we’re talking days!);
  • the unit for energy, the joule;
  • power and the watt (the what? Yes, the watt);
  • the energy content of different foods (and how it’s measured);
  • the energy expenditure of the human body (and how it’s measured);
  • energy balance (and how it can go wrong);
  • the two simple rules for weight loss (that’s right, there are only two!);
  • where the fat actually goes when people lose weight;
  • efficiency (there’s never been a more efficient way of learning about it);
  • why LED globes have taken over from incandescents (and why it took so long even though LEDs have been around since the 1960s);
  • how the arches of our feet help us to chase down horses (yes, you read that correctly!)
  • and much more!

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