The Shedding Light on Electricity Series

The Shedding Light on Electricity series exposes the shocking truth about electricity. Yes, positively a bad pun to begin with, but we promise to conduct ourselves really well from now on. This series teaches students watts of stuff (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves) about electricity including how it’s produced, how it’s used in our homes, how it’s controlled, and how we keep ourselves safe from nasty shocks. This is high-voltage education that is hard to resist!

Shedding Light on Electricity Episode 1: Sources of Electricity
In Episode 1, Sources of Electricity, we take a detailed look at where our electricity comes from: thermal and hydroelectric power stations, wind farms, and solar farms. We also examine the advantages and disadvantages of these sources of electricity.


Shedding Light on Electricity Episode 2: Electric Circuits
In Episode 2, Electric Circuits, we examine how lights, switches, and other electrical devices are all connected either in “series” or in “parallel” with each other. How do they wire up the lights in your house so that in some rooms the light switch turns on only one light but in other rooms the light switch switches on two (or more) lights? And how is everything wired up so as to allow us to turn the lights on and off in different rooms independently of one another. Well, don’t wait at the terminal, jump on board.

Shedding Light on Electricity Episode 3: Electric Current
In Episode 3, Electric Current, we take a look at what electric current is (it’s basically the flow of electrons through a wire) and at how electric current is measured. We then examine the different ways that electric current flows in series and parallel circuits.