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Spiro and Georgina Liacos: enhancing student skulls, oops, skills with outstanding video and print resources.

Hi everyone,

It’s fairly clear, if you browse our website, that we produce fantastic educational science videos and activity sheets which are designed to make learning easier for all students and which help teachers teach more easily and more effectively.

We’d prefer to let our videos and student activity sheets speak for themselves, but in case you’re wondering who we are, let me tell you who we are.

My name is Spiro Liacos and I’ve been passionately teaching Science, Physics, and PE for more than 30 years. I’ve presented at Physics Teachers’ Conferences, had articles published in LabTalk (the Science Teachers’ Association of Victoria’s magazine), and I produced a worksheet which NASA (yes, the NASA) distributed around the world to its various affiliate educational programs. (See the Space Shuttle activity on the Investigating Motion page).

Together with my wife Georgina, a qualified Primary School teacher who has a keen interest in film and photography, we formed LEM in 2011 after we produced our first video Shedding Light on Colour.

Since then we have produced 30 videos and we’re making more, because my own students love them as do teachers and students around the world!

I still work part time in a secondary school in Melbourne, Victoria, so I test all the videos we produce at least twice with actual classes to make sure that the content is clear and interesting and that the accompanying activities effectively guide students through their learning.

I am absolutely thrilled with how well my students respond to the videos. Sure kids can learn by reading text books and copying notes from the board, but nothing beats watching a video to learn something, especially when the learning activities that follow are tailor-made to the video.

For example, Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 7: Covalent Bonding and Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 8: Ionic Bonding, cover the two types of bonding in clear detail using real-life footage and outstanding, no-nonsense animations. I remember trying to teach my students using the old ways and finding that many students struggled. When I used these videos and their accompanying worksheets to teach bonding, their test scores were through the roof compared with previous cohorts of students!

And, I didn’t have to work hard to explain stuff over and over! The videos did it all!

Teaching is a really tough job, so let us help you teach the topics of Light, Atoms, Energy, Heat, the Sun and Earth, and Motion, and let your students benefit both from your experience, and from ours!

Spiro’s Email: spiro@liacoseducationalmedia.com
Phone Numbers: +61 (0)3 9543 5446; +61 (0)433 061 117
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