The Shedding Light on Light Series

SLOLight_bannerNever before has it been so easy to so effectively teach the topic of light to your students. The Shedding Light on Light series allows you to effortlessly cover your whole course, from reflection, to refraction, to lenses and the eye, to colour, and to electromagnetic waves.
Each program comes with student activity sheets and prac sheets which are all free to download!

Shedding Light on Reflection: mirrors, mirror images, seeing in 3D, periscopes, illusions, magic, and a whole lot more…

Shedding Light on Curved Mirrors: concave and convex mirrors, telescopes, solar cookers, fun-park mirrors, hospital corridors, and a whole lot more…

Shedding Light on Refraction and Total Internal Reflection: spear fishing, abnormally short legs, optical fibres, diamonds, rainbows, and a whole lot more…

Shedding Light on Lenses and the Eye: convex and concave lenses, magnifying glasses, film projectors, the eye, focussing at different distances, spectacles, laser eye surgery, and a whole lot more…

Shedding Light on Colour: coloured light, mixing paints, television screens, how humans see colour, how animals see colour, and a whole lot more…

Shedding Light on Electromagnetic Waves: waves in nature, AM and FM, microwave ovens, thermal imaging, night vision, blue skies, the effects of UV radiation, X-rays, gamma rays and a whole lot more…

All the programs come with question sheets, practical activities, and answers!

So preview the programs today
and see for yourself just how useful they will be in your classroom!

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