The Periodic Table Table

All the elements of a great activity!

periodic_table_tableIn this activity, students make their very own Periodic Table Table. Download the template here.

Teachers can use the Periodic Table Table as a kind of challenge for students to see how well they can follow instructions, or they can run the activity as a race!

Liacos Educational Media is the producer of the famous Shedding Light series of videos, which make teaching and learning Science easier for everyone. Thousands of teachers around the world are now using the Shedding Light programs to teach their students, so check them out today.

For example, preview our Shedding Light on Atoms series!

How do we know about atoms if we can’t actually see them?

This is probably the most common question students ask when they study chemistry.
The 8-part Shedding Light on Atoms series brilliantly answers this question as well as many more.
Using amazing demonstrations and animations we take students on a journey of discovery to explain not just what we know about atoms, but also how we know what we know about atoms!

Shedding Light on Atoms Series
Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 1: The Dawn of Modern Chemistry
Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 2: Oxygen Everywhere
Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 3: The Discovery of Atoms
Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 4: The Periodic Table
Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 5: Protons, Neutrons and Electrons
Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 6: Electron Shells
Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 7: Covalent Bonding
Shedding Light on Atoms Episode 8: Ionic Bonding

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