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Best Greek Pita Recipe – Tiropita – Yummy Cheese Pie with Homemade Filo Pastry.

In the animal kingdom, the vast majority of species are born or hatch (or whatever) with pretty much all of the programming that they need to survive. Lizards, turtles, frogs, insects, and fish, for example, never “meet” their parents but they just know how to find food, how to find a mate (when their reproductive systems mature), and how to escape predators (although most of course are not successful at avoiding predators). Birds are not taught how to build nests. They just know somehow.
Mammals, on the other hand, learn quite a lot from their mums and dads. Young bears, for example, learn to hunt by watching their mums hunt. Primates “teach” quite a lot of stuff to their offspring.
Humans, though, learn vast quantities of things from their mums and dads, and also from their relatives, their teachers, and from video, pictorial, and text resources. But just because we are taught something, doesn’t mean that we are immediately good at it!
My mum’s been making Greek pita for decades and is very good at it. I got her to show me how she does it, and though she is 84, she made it look easy. I then tried to make a pita and though it eventually worked out, I found it difficult to make. However, since my first attempt, I have definitely improved.
So kids (and adults), don’t worry if, when you are taught something by your teacher, you don’t understand it immediately. Practice it and you will get better!!

Best Greek Pita Recipe – Tiropita – Yummy Cheese Pie with Filo Pastry

Spiro’s first Greek Pita, a yummy tiropita with homemade filo pastry.

So many things went wrong, but it was worth the effort. So is all of the education we receive both at school and in life!!

This photo shows my efforts on my sixth pita. It looks a lot like my mum’s does!