Monthly Archives: May 2021

Practice, Experience, Learn!

I’ve heard people say “I wish I knew then what I know now”. The statement points to the fact that we are constantly gaining new knowledge and skills. This doesn’t just happen in school of course.

Students often say (and think) that the set work is too hard. But I tell them that whenever people first try to to do something, they might not be that good at it. However, through practice they get better. We learn as we go.
Recently we had a tree cut down in our front yard and we decided to keep the wood for our fireplace. The tree fellers left the wood in roundish pieces which I could chop up.
The last time I chopped up wood, I used an axe but the axe kept getting stuck. Someone mentioned that I should use a block splitter, which is like an axe but with a wide blade that pushes the wood apart as it moves downwards.
So I bought one and WOW! It works so much better. If only I knew then what I know now!
I have also discovered over the past week that bringing the block splitter down between the rings of the tree works better than trying to cut across the rings.
I’m obviously not an expert wood chopper but it’s amazing how often I do something for the first time and I don’t do it very well, but then I get better through practice or learn some new trick that makes it easier. It really gives me confidence whenever I try anything new. I don’t have be brilliant at it, but I’ll improve.