Married Half My Life Day

Romantic Maths.
Numbers are important! Today marks the special day in my life where I have now been married to my beautiful wife for as long as I had been unmarried. From tomorrow, I will have had more experience in life as a married man as I had had as a single man.
The calculation is pretty easy. To calculate your own “Married Half My Life” Day just follow the instructions in the video below.
It’s good being married. Studies have shown that married people are healthier and happier and that they live longer than single people. I don’t know if it’s true or not or whether, if it is in fact true, that it’s a chicken and egg situation; maybe people who are chronically unhappy and unhealthy find it harder to find a partner. We always have to be careful when we’re interpreting data.
Generalizations are fine, but they say nothing about individual cases. In my case though, it’s fantastic being married to Georgina, my wife and fellow video producer.

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